These Carpet Cleaning Tips You Must Know

Whether you do carpet cleaning on your own or you own a company that deals with this kind of job, it is useful to know the following tips. Carpets get dirty easily and you surely do not want to breathe in the dust particles and dirt that easily gets stuck inside the carpets.

Get them cleaned every 6 months!

Carpet-cleanersThis is very important as many people that they can clean these once per year! First of all, a lot of grime collects inside of it and just think of all the seasons that change over time. Think of all that you get inside when you enter the house. The principle is simple – the more often you clean these, the less dirty they will be. Still, try to avoid cleaning during winter as it is hard to dry it out, and you definitely do not want half-dried carpet in your home as it can produce a lot of problems, like a mold for example.

Avoid rubbing the stains

Avoid-rubbing-the-stainsIt happens that we spill out a juice or a bit of food that is left in the tray. The biggest mistake, which a lot of people performs, is to start cleaning it by the rubbing. When you rub a stain, especially a fresh one, you only help it to go deeper into the fabrics. What you want to do is to blot the stain, using the cotton or paper towel. When you blot it, go from the end/border of a stain and move to the center. In this way, the stain would probably stay small and will not spread more.

Devote more time to stairs

We always have a certain set of areas in our house where we walk more often. For example, stairs, although can be other areas as well. Have in mind that the carpet will become worn out and will eventually start tearing up on the places where we walk a lot. As we move up/down the stairs often, you should devote extra time to the cleaning of this area. Any stains should be removed as quickly as possible, while a regular vacuuming will keep it clean and fresh. This is important also for other areas like the entrance carpet for example.

Use the right vacuum cleaner

Yes, there are many types of cleaners and you need to choose the one that suits your needs most. In case you have cats in your home, have in mind that you need a one that is specially made for carpets that contain a lot of hairs. These can be expensive but do not regret any money you spend on it, as you really need a high-quality vacuum cleaner to clean your home efficiently.

Carpet cleaning is one of those activities that we need to perform every once in a while, especially when we own a big house. You can hire a professional company to perform this: Captain Carpet Cleaners.