These Luxury Bedroom Pieces Of Furniture You Must Have

When you have a large house, you certainly do not want to buy some low-quality furniture for your bedroom where you sleep. Having a spacious bedroom requires you to buy more furniture unlike when you have a small room. For that reason, you should not save money on high-quality furniture that will perfectly fill up your space. We will present the best luxury bedroom pieces of furniture that you should have in your bedroom to make it more classy.

The designer leather wave Italian bed

Italian-bedThe classic deco tone in combination with the glamour and classy look delivers this fantastic Italian bed that is everything except cheap. It incorporates contemporary design and huge dimensions that will provide enough space and high-quality characteristics for the quality sleep. The perfect blend of contemporary design and classic look make this bed one of the most frequent ones in luxury homes. It usually comes in pale gold color with the classy gloss of ebony. Though the standard dimensions are 162cm height x 222cm width x 235cm length, it is also available in larger dimensions if you need. Since this is a customized and unique piece of furniture, allow some 13 weeks for this bed to be made and dispatched to your address.

A marble-gold round side table

A-marble-gold-round-side-table1If you are looking for a smaller side table that has a round shape,  look no further! The luxurious design, fine details and perfect curves create the unbelievably original and contemporary look that will aspire anyone who see it! It is made of walnut while the marble is used for the top side and a massive tray. Although in a standard beige/walnut color, this is available in several other colors and sizes, depending on your needs. Feel free to ask for these, but do have in mind that you must wait 12 weeks before it arrives to your luxurious home!

Italian ebony bedside cabinet

When equipping your bedroom, a night cabinet is a must-have, as you need to have a cabinet/table next to your bed. The smooth design and minimalistic design discover real beauty among luxury bedroom cabinets. A drawer that you open by an unusual handle and high level of glossiness of this piece of furniture will make this cabinet a fantastic contemporary, yet classic, need that you must not omit. It weighs only 29kgs and has 48cm height x 60cm width and 45cm of depth dimensions.

Italian ivory classic side table

This elegant side table, made of ivory, will be the stunning part of your bedroom! The classic carvings, with the botanical elements, were made by the experienced Italian carpenters who have been produced this side table for many luxury homes and it is one of the most required side tables. This is a 100% hand-crafted table that is coated in water-based paint first and then wrapped into natural oils and waxes to preserve the fine look and give it a lifetime shiny look.