Color Ideas For Living Room Walls

The living room is a room where we spend most of our time when we are at home and therefore it should be painted in a pleasant color variation that relaxes you. Still , the job of painting is not that easy as we need to choose the appropriate color. Which one to choose? How do we know that the one we are planning to choose is the right one? Well, we present you in this article a few variations for living room that are never out of fashion and that are producing a calm effect on our mind.

The green variation

The-green-variationEverybody loves the green color! It is a symbol of harmony and refreshment and can never bore you. In combination with the plants inside your living room, the color will be much more appealing and it will easily melt the whole room and furniture into a perfectly natural combination. If you add a bit of cool wallpaper with the river-like seeing, you can create a small oasis of peace where you will enjoy to rest. The green is refreshing and subtle at the same time, so consider this one for your walls, especially if you have a large living room.

Gray to create more space

If you are looking for a color that will make your living room even bigger, then consider a gray color. The gray color provides elegance and space, which is the reason why so many modern houses use it for the living room. While it is neutral and can easily be combined with other colors and variations, it gives the sophisticated look to your living room. While it can be a bit boring to some people, it comes as an excellent solution when you need to “expand” your space.

Stabilize your living room with a blue

blueYes, the blue color is the most frequent in the majority of American homes as it gives the stability and the feeling of clean space. Of course, the variation depends on your preference, however, try to avoid dark blue variation as it will give more depth to your space. In case you have a hardwood floor in your living room, the blue will perfectly match and produce the effect of stability and uniqueness. Larger homes’ living rooms with a blue one will look like a small garment-box that is neatly packed!

The black paint if you want a drama feeling

Yes, you might ask who would like to paint his living room in the black color, but trust us, it can sometimes be the best choice! However, consider that you must have white variations in a form of furniture or battens on floor so plan carefully. It gives the dramatic look, switching focus on the architectural details of your living room. Consider also the black one if your living room receives a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day to absorb the excessive amount and make it cooler.